Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road Trip Shenanigans

Last week hubby and I hit the road before the sun, and begun our trek out to Indiana. I spent 7 years living between Evansville Indiana and Newburgh Indiana, all the while planning to return to my beloved Baltimore. It wasn't until year 7 that Indiana really became my home and honestly it was hard to leave. To say we have friends out there is not quite fitting. We have people out there that we love like family, as well as actual family, and it is always so great when we get to see them all. It does however make for one busy week!

This was not just an ordinary visit either. We went out there for our dear friend's wedding, as well as to finally meet our other dear friends baby that was born in February. We made our rounds and visited as many people as we could squeeze into 6 days, ate a lot of Sonic, and just had an over all awesome time. It was, as always too short, but coming home felt great too. It is hard to feel so at home in two different places because you always miss one or the other.

11 Hours as a passenger makes me crazy.

Baby love.

Our old stomping grounds. The building shown was where
my storefront, Moon River Art Gallery was. It is now
a FABULOUS boutique called Flutter

At our friends' carnival themed wedding where I made
great use of the photo prop table.

Making our way back East.

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