Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ways to say "I Love You"

I hear that Valentine's Day is on its way. This has never been a holiday that my husband and I have really least not in a very traditional way.

Last year for instance, hubby surprised me by coming home and telling me to get ready to go out to dinner and that we could go any where I wanted to go. Any where?

Well my job is not exactly the type you dress up for as I end up most days covered in polishing compound and metal shards and I was really not feeling like changing. I also was hungry and didn't feel like waiting for a table which is almost impossible on Valentine's Day. My only solution to this....SPORTS BAR!

So we headed on over to the sports bar around the corner and were seated immediately. (Shockingly no one goes to places like this on Valentine's one but us) Guess what! It was all you could eat wing night! Amazing right?!?!

That night I told my husband I loved him over greasy chicken wing fingers and whatever  beers were on special that night, by making this for him.

It was the kind of romance that spoke right to my man's heart.

I have talked about it before, but I have found myself creating necklaces these days with seemingly random thoughts stamped on them. If you knew me, you would know they are not random but the deep, true loves in my life. I will stay on this course as long as I can come up with meaningful things to say like my newest piece...

Now tell me, what could say "I Love You" better than this? I would love to hear the ways you all say "I Love You".  Well, the innocent way that is. 

Tutorial: Tree Pendant

The tree pendant, something I have made since college and I still love making it!

Here is what you need: metal sheet (sterling, brass, copper etc), saw frame plus blades o/2, texture stamp or tool, flexshaft, drill bits, metal files, sandpaper, bench pin, hammer, jump ring, chain (ribbon or cord works too).

Here is how to make it...

Step 1: Draw the shape that you would like your pendant to be and cut that shape out of your metal sheet. I am using 22 gauge sterling silver sheet.

Step 2: Using a pencil, draw the basic shape of your tree onto the shape you just cut out. Then drill a hole inside your tree. Make sure it is large enough so you can thread your saw blade through like so...

Step 4: Carefully cut your tree from your pendant. This is known as piercing. Be careful when cutting the branches not to turn your saw blade faster than your metal or you will break your saw blade as I have done a million times. It is no big deal, they break all the time but it can be very frustrating!

Step 5: Once you have pierced your tree it is time to create the leaves....of course you could opt to stop there and have a winter tree. If you choose to move ahead, select the texture you would like your leaves to be. My tool of choice is unconventional. It is a big wax file that has a tip broken off of it. I love the foliage it give me.

Step 6: Now file and sand you edges down so they are nice and smooth and choose your finish for the pendant. I prefer a brushed finish on my pieces. Drill a hole where you would like your pendant to hang from the chain, cord or ribbon.

Step 7: WEAR IT!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


To say you have a new years resolution is like saying for 2 weeks you will half heartily try to change and ultimately end up the same. Now to say you are resolved to do something somehow changes the sentiment. There is no wiggle room. You no longer "have a resolution" you are in fact "resolved" to change. Having a firm decision versus being firmly determined. Well for a person like me who questions what decision I make from a restaurant menu is the same girl who was determined not to cook that night. For me the difference is huge. So this year I am resolved to spend the year fixing those things that annoy me about myself.  Like hitting refresh, this time the page will open as it should.

I am resolved to keeping my ever present pile of clothes off the bedroom floor. Perhaps this is more for my husband than myself. It is no secret he loathes this part of me. I have always been incapable of keeping the bedroom free of my pile. This year it stops.

I am resolved to getting this 7 lbs of holiday cookies and cheese puffs off my ass.

I am resolved to stop freaking out about the possible Apocalypse this year. This will be the toughest to overcome but I will be a sensible person and not live like someone who has watched one too many History Channel shows on the end of the world.

I am resolved to drink more water.

I am resolved to doing my absolute best at using all the food in the fridge before it goes bad.

I am resolved to limit the amount of bras I buy. When one has had enough, then I can replace it, but I may no longer bring them home just because.

I am resolved to keeping my work space neat and under control. It was such a disaster before Christmas I spent two whole days reorganizing before my family came over for Christmas dinner and saw what a monster I really am. I am determined to keep it that way. I even took pictures to remind myself of what an absolute joy a clean workspace is.

I am resolved to learn Quickbooks this year. I have had it for two years now....this will be the year I finally figure out what the hell I am doing.

I am resolved to stop being such a chicken shit and go to the dentist. If I have to get my wisdom teeth out so be it.

I am resolved to keeping the dining room table clear. This will begin once I have cleared it for the first time this year. OK I'll get back to you on that appears as though I am not off to the best start.

I am resolved to stop all the regret and just take dance classes again. Why not?

Well, I have much to work on this year. I better go clean the dining room table off and get this ball rolling. I would love to hear what some of your resolutions are this year. Post post post!

Happy New Years everyone!