Monday, June 18, 2012

Today's Motivation

Today my coffee does not taste quite right, my hair is frizzy because it is raining outside. I look to my right and there are piles of laundry I need to do and to my left hairballs, evidence from my dog that summer is pretty much here. These are how crummy days usually start.

In my lazy state I hop on Facebook to see whats a doin' and I find this photo posted by my lovely friend in Northern Ireland. The caption read "Last day of chemo tomorrow". What better fitting image for the moment then her beautiful head scarves dancing in the breeze.

Suddenly, I no longer need the coffee to wake up, I could care less what I look like. As for the weather, the morning rain has brought the birds out to play. The laundry and dog hair will get taken care of eventually, but right now I feel like being in the studio, because what I do makes me happy. It makes others happy too. I just wanted to share this moment that was so beautifully captured with any of you who are not having a great day. There is always something to celebrate, if not for yourself then for others.

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