Friday, March 2, 2012

Charm City

I saw something beautiful in Baltimore as I was headed out of town. Today I left my house, bags packed, bus ticket in hand, ready for my week long trip to New York City. It was sort of a grey day and it started drizzling a bit just as I was leaving my house. By the time I got to the bus stop it was RAINING, and if you have ever ridden Bolt bus you know it is not so much a bus stop with a shelter as it is just a corner on St. Paul Street. So I stood there, waiting for the bus, watching my bag become more and more saturated thinking to myself "great, I will be damp for the 3 and a half hour ride and then some". Right at that moment a girl came up to me and asked me of I was waiting for the bus to NYC. "Yes" I said, noticing immediately she was DRENCHED! I invited her to share my umbrella which she was very excited to do. Making small talk, I asked her if she had taken the Bolt bus before. Not only had she not, she had never been to the US before. Right as we started talking about where she was from an older gentleman got out of his car and handed this girl an umbrella and told her to keep it. As he got back into his car, she said to me "Everyone here is so nice" to which I replied "well that is not an everyday occurrence here". She told me that that sort of thing had happened a lot over the past week. Needless to say I was a little surprised but I was super proud of my city in that moment. Baltimore truly lived up to its Charm City name, at least to this girl. 

This proved very well just how much small kindnesses mean to people! On a rainy crap day like today it would have been so easy to be grumpy and this girl was just so happy. It rubbed off on me with out a doubt. It's going to be a great week rain or shine!

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