Thursday, July 19, 2012


Dear DSW,

I feel the need to write this letter to you regarding the post card I received from you today. The photo features a enviously sexy pair of legs in some very unfortunate snake skin stretchy pants, but that is neither here nor there. The real essence of this advertisement, obviously, is the shoes. Amazing, beautiful, high heeled sandals that perfectly combine brown white and black, ensuring that they would match anything in my closet.

You had me immediately. I am not an online shopper but I went directly to my computer to find these beauties, convinced that I would pay any price for the opportunity to slip my size 7 feet into them and strut as I have never strut before. So up to this point, well done DSW.

Then things went terribly wrong. You did not seem to have these shoes. There was no sign of them anywhere on your website. I then frantically searched the post card itself thinking perhaps you would have credited the designer for these magnificent shoes, but alas, you did not.

It was then that I felt the beginnings of what I can only describe as panic set it. I not only searched your entire online store but then went to searching other shoe websites for these heels. When that search came up empty, I spent time with google to see if perhaps there was a clue anywhere out there in cyber space to point me in the right direction.

I came up empty handed. My spirits had fallen. I had by this point made up my mind that I would of course continue to shop in your store, as I have a shoe problem that you so often seem to cure. However, I was feeling that distrust and harbored resentment would plague me for years to come. It was a cruel and dirty trick DSW. One that paid off for you as I put 4 (OK 5) pairs of shoes in my shopping bag during my search, but still, dirty trick.

In a last ditch effort to find my loves, I decided to go visit your store in person. Crazy notion in 2012 I know, but I had already put in a longer time than I care to admit in my search and then the subsequent time put into writing this long winded letter, so I figured it was worth it. I was pessimistically walking up and down each isle and then my eyes found them. brown peep toe, white stiletto, black strappy loveliness. My size sevens were in stock and they fit perfectly and as an added bonus were actually very comfortable, but they could have made me bleed and I would have found the will to buck up and strut on.

So in conclusion, the anticipation and near disappointment really made the actual moment all the more sweet. I am a very happy customer and wanted to tell you that your marketing director is really quite good (again, despite the unfortunate snake skin pants).


Sara Robbins-Page

Obsessive and verbose shoe addict.

Persistence pays off!

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