Monday, July 9, 2012

Steve Martin, I Love You

I have varied interests when it comes to reading, that is for sure. I read books on history, classic British literature as well as modern fiction, and yes I love a good romance novel here and there. I have a few writers that I have come to love over the years and one of them is Steve Martin. It began with a crush and then quickly lead to be really me in awe of his talent and the variety of it.

LA Story had been one of my favorite movies for a couple years before I realized that he wrote the screen play. I could quote the whole damn movie as everything said seems to be my favorite line. But here are a couple of my favorites...

Harris: Ordinarily, I don't like to be around interesting people because it means I have to be interesting too.
Sara: Are you saying I'm interesting?
Harris: All I'm saying is that, when I'm around you, I find myself showing off, which is the idiot's version of being interesting."

and of course this one...

"Harris: I could never be a woman, 'cause I'd just stay home and play with my breasts all day."

I read Martin's Shopgirl soon after it came out and loved it so much a read it again as soon as I finished. Soon after that I read his play Picasso at the Lapin Agile where in Picasso and Einstein find themselves together in a bar in Montmartre, Paris. Both of them on the brink of something amazing.
Oh God, Read it!

It has been a few years since I had read anything by Martin until the other day I picked up The Pleasure Of My Company. This book had me laughing out loud as the main character, who is a man plagued by brilliance and severe obsessive compulsive disorder, describes his bizarre thought process in very factual ways leaving no room for other peoples' idea of reality. For instance if he does not get to Kinko's and touch every corner of the copy machines panic will ensue. It is not his panic he is speaking of but panic in general.

Again this is one of those moments where to list everything I loved I'd be quoting the entire book. So do yourself a favor, read this book. And if you have not seen LA Story watch it!!!

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