Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Heart Really Likes You

A couple weeks ago, I had not left my house for 2 days choosing to watch movies that make me cry. It had been raining off and on and I looked like I had gotten punched in face a couple times so I figured I needed to find something to do with myself. I ended up joining a couple friends to go down to ArtScape, which if you are not from Baltimore, is a huge art festival with tons of music, food, music, art cars and of course local artists.

I hadn't been down to the festival in a couple years, choosing not to fight the crazy crowds and ridiculous heat. But that day was perfect. It was in the 60's and pouring down rain so I did not have to battle with either. I threw on some boots, grabbed my umbrella and set off with my friends.

We had a great day! So often rainy days can be depressing, hence the movies I was watching, but we turned it into a perfectly cheerful day!

I am on a savings spree currently, and I have a very strict no mug buying policy, as I simply have no place to put them. But sometimes you fall in love and something by Nelle Design spoke to me. This mug has anatomical renderings of hearts on the outside and one inside. Along the top it says "I hope you stay a while because my heart really likes you". This in particular, really spoke to me but all of her work is great! Be sure you check it all out at www.nelledesign.4ormat.com , www.etsy.com/shop/nelledesign and make friends on facebook www.facebook.com/nelledesign .

It is amazing how something so simple can make you so happy!

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