Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today's Motivation

So I have finally made it out into the yard to do my first clean up since the early fall. I figured it was time since my lilies were beginning to come up through the leaves still lying there from 2 seasons ago. I was really not looking forward to this first clean up just because I had allowed for things to get so out of control out there in my flower beds, but once I got out there and got my hands in the dirt, I felt great. Really energised. There is something about seeing growth in a garden that makes me want to work harder. Like the harder I work the harder my plants will work. I make life beautiful for them and then in turn make it beautiful for me. This carries over into life for sure. Oh my.....I think I just hippied out on all of you.

While the sun is shining, I am getting back out there! But I will leave you with a couple pictures of new pieces which will be making their way into my shop soon. But be sure you go to if you haven't been for a while. There is lots of new work that has found its way!

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