Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instagram Love

Ok, I love instagram! I am jumping on that bandwagon and I am OK with that. I love capturing insignificant details and making them beautiful as they are to me anyway. Lord knows I get excited about the dumbest things. Now I can share them in a less obnoxious way then my typical bouncing, hand clapping and general verboseness.

Well I had a very pleasant surprise on Mother's Day. Several people who received my work as gifts took pictures of themselves wearing it and tagged me. I can not tell you how much fun that was for me. Keep them coming. My Instagram name is @heavenstobessie  as is my Twitter name....so please tag away!

One of the pictures I was tagged in happens to be one of my favorite pieces I have ever made. EVER. Below are a couple pictures I took of it before I sent it on its way. It was hard to say goodbye to it but it is like that sometimes. Some pieces are just extra special.

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