Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Soul's Bones

Last night my neighbor and I were sitting outside by the pond drinking some wine, building a fire and talking about art and music and of the silliness in life. I had recently been telling him about my recent musical obsessions so we were listening to them as we hung out. I was trying to explain to him how some songs just get inside and sort of fester. I was stumbling on words trying to make my feelings clear when I finally told him that some songs just get down in there, deeper than my heart, deeper than my soul but like in my soul's bones. He understood me immediately. Soul's Bones has become our new phrase for something that moves you to that point where you can do nothing but feel and maybe cry a bit....or a lot. Music takes me to that place. It always has. 

The hammering in my studio is incessant. All day long the sound of metal on metal fills my home. Then I use my tumbler and it is worse. It is filled with 2 lbs of steel shot and rotates and vibrates until you are sure the floor is going to collapse. But when the sounds of hard work subsides and the house is quiet, I fill that void with music that touches me to my soul's bones. I have a couple obsessions currently. Nay, I have a undying love for a couple musicians as of late that rival that of everyone else I have ever listened to.

First and foremost,  Mumford and Sons. I discovered them on Pandora on a Flogging Molly station. Every time they came on I perked up, saying to myself, who are these guys. I eventually changed my Pandora station to Mumford and Sons and then just bought the album. I could literally weep while listing to them and I am pretty sure I have. Their lyrics are just amazing and their sound in general hits me deep. Their voices alone...amazing! I listen to them and feel home. I don't know how else to put it. Heartbreaking, honest, beautiful are just some of the words I can use to describe them.

Check out This is the song that lead me down the rabbit hole. Check this one out too . Screw it just buy the album.

Next is Gotye. He is my most recent obsession. His sound is so strange and beautiful and really haunting. Talk about reaching my soul's bones, listen to . After hearing this song I bought the album. When I listened to the rest of it, I was sort of on the fence, but the more I listened to it the more I loved it. There are so many great songs on that album that carry with them so many different musical influences that you wouldn't think would go together. Oh but they do!

Anyway this is my piece for the evening. Maybe these songs will touch your soul's bones maybe they wont, but they make me want to create, and love, and be loved, and be a better person in general so it is at least worth a shot.

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  1. I love mumford...Dust Bowl Dance is my absolute favorite. I will check out Gotye. Have you ever heard the Handome Family? I bet you would like them. Try So Much Wine.