Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Am Having A Lonely Moment

They do not happen that often, but I am in the midst of a lonely moment. I suppose it is natural to feel this way when one's partner is gone for an extended period of time but at least most people have co-workers and or children to socialize with. When you are childless, save for one ridiculously entertaining dog, and you work from home, there is no one there to stop you from a bout of melancholy. My house was so full of people this past weekend and now with everyone gone, it just feels so quiet and empty which most of the time I enjoy. Not today.

Last week my friend and I stumbled upon a bar in Pasadena called Brian Boru and it happened to be Lady's Night with music and $5 drinks. We joked that we would make it a Thursday tradition. Perhaps, this will in fact happen. I could use something super fun to break up the week.

Well I will get back to making bridal jewelry and hope that creating pretty things will yank me out of sulkiness. I am being a baby. Someone call me and yell at me!

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  1. Then Rusted Root comes on Pandora and makes it all so much better!!! Music is amazing that way.