Monday, February 6, 2012

The Adventures of Teddy

My love affair with travel began at a very early age, though most trips were to the beach or Canaan Valley West Virginia, just the idea of a change of scenery was, and still is, very exciting to me. When I was 16 I was lucky enough to travel internationally for the first time. My family took a two week long vacation to Israel. It was there that the adventures of Teddy began. To be completely honest with you I am not sure why I brought Teddy with me, but whatever the cause, I stumbled upon something amazing.
Teddy at Caesarea aqueduct , Israel accompanied
by my sister's creature, The Inspector

Since that first international vacation I have been to at least 11 countries and countless cities around the United States. I love taking pictures of the amazing places I have been! Let me take this moment to tell you that I am the least photogenic person in history, but having something with a discernible mark that says "I have been there" is very important thing to most people who travel. Nostalgia, I suppose. A mark on the world. To avoid that weird "would you mind taking a picture of me" moment and the subsequent "I look like shit in the only picture of me in Italy" reaction I discovered a solution. Teddy. He is small enough to fit into any bag I carry. He is always photogenic. He will try anything. He is not afraid of heights. And best of all, he enjoys costuming. Now you may or may not recognise his precious little crocheted self from the amazing, and one of my all time favorite shows, Mr. Bean, so he came to me being quite used to the spotlight which was convenient given that I have served as his very own paparazzo for the last 12 years or so.

Taking pictures of Teddy around the world has become quite a little hobby of mine over time. I have to admit there have been some great places I have been where I regrettably forgot Teddy (So sorry Teddy). I have not yet forgiven myself for my adventures with out him. But I do have some really great shots of him. I wanted to share with you, some of my favorites.
Teddy somewhere in the Highland of Scotland
Teddy in Wales atop Caernarfon Castle

Teddy in Amsterdam, Holland
Teddy at the ruin of Lochness Castle, Lochness Scotland

Teddy on a Gondola in Venice, Italy
 (It was December, hence the hat and scarf)

Teddy, relaxing on a park bench in NYC's Central Park

Teddy, rocking his cowboy hat at the Alamo,
San Antonio Texas
Teddy, at the Tower of London, London England
Teddy on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

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