Monday, June 3, 2013


As I have mentioned before, I am technologically delayed. I enjoy writing letters, and balancing my checkbook and most of all keeping an actual calendar. Well a few months ago I lost my calendar and with it my will to live. I barely could bring myself to work, to clean, to cook or to even leave the house. My entire life seemingly revolves around a handful of bound pages. I bought a new one in April and was all ready to regain some control when I opened it and realized it didn't begin until July. I finally found one that started at the beginning of the year in a clearance bin somewhere and by the time I finished transferring my life over, I found my old one in a pile of sheets. Because, why wouldn't a calendar end up in between a pile of folded sheets?!?!?

So I am now back on track, my spring cleaning was thorough and arduous, I have begun making small trips to the grocery store, I am relearning how to cook, my hair is freshly dyed and I have now re-entered the studio with energy and I am ready to start again.

I will be posting evidence of my rejoining the human race shortly. Perhaps one of these days I will put my calendar on my phone like everyone else.


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