Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tutorial: Tree Pendant

The tree pendant, something I have made since college and I still love making it!

Here is what you need: metal sheet (sterling, brass, copper etc), saw frame plus blades o/2, texture stamp or tool, flexshaft, drill bits, metal files, sandpaper, bench pin, hammer, jump ring, chain (ribbon or cord works too).

Here is how to make it...

Step 1: Draw the shape that you would like your pendant to be and cut that shape out of your metal sheet. I am using 22 gauge sterling silver sheet.

Step 2: Using a pencil, draw the basic shape of your tree onto the shape you just cut out. Then drill a hole inside your tree. Make sure it is large enough so you can thread your saw blade through like so...

Step 4: Carefully cut your tree from your pendant. This is known as piercing. Be careful when cutting the branches not to turn your saw blade faster than your metal or you will break your saw blade as I have done a million times. It is no big deal, they break all the time but it can be very frustrating!

Step 5: Once you have pierced your tree it is time to create the leaves....of course you could opt to stop there and have a winter tree. If you choose to move ahead, select the texture you would like your leaves to be. My tool of choice is unconventional. It is a big wax file that has a tip broken off of it. I love the foliage it give me.

Step 6: Now file and sand you edges down so they are nice and smooth and choose your finish for the pendant. I prefer a brushed finish on my pieces. Drill a hole where you would like your pendant to hang from the chain, cord or ribbon.

Step 7: WEAR IT!!

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