Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I am thankful for.

It is the eve of Thanksgiving and I am sitting here, a slave to social media marketing and I decided to turn all that loathing into a list of all (OK just a handful...I am Thankful for a lot) that I am Thankful for. So here they no specific order. Some are huge, some are just the small things that make life a little sweeter.

1. I am thankful for hair dye. Being a red head is part of my identity but the sad truth is, I am not one. I am boring brown at best with a whole lot of grey happening up there, however they grey I am actually thankful for. Perhaps this seems strange but I feel it reminds me I've done some living, I've seen some things, I've been broken and I have healed and I am not as young as so many people think I am.

2. I am thankful for coffee. Strong coffee. No narrative needed here.

3. Spell check...for I have already used it 100 times today. I'm sure I still have managed to spell something wrong along the way. Perhaps I will next be thankful for you kindly ignoring my errors.

4. Romance Novels about highlanders. They are trashy lady porn and I love them!

5. Music. The way hearing a song can take you back to a time, a place or even a person is breathtaking.

6. Laughter...causing it and giving it. Both are beautiful.

7. Jane Austin, I swear reading her books has caused me to value things in my life differently and I am better for it.

8. For the years of my life I spent dancing. I may still move a bit when I am alone but it is not the same as the freedom, the company and mentors I found while being in school for it. It has shaped me. I miss it every day but am eternally thankful for the time I had and I will never forget what it felt like to claim space in that way.

9. Every friend that I have. Each one so special. Each one offering something so different to the world. They give me gifts I hope to God I can begin repay over time.

10. My husband. He is supportive. He mows the grass. He does the laundry and more importantly he deals with my crazy day after day and still comes back home.

11. My mother. Who would I be with out you letting me grow into my own person? Who would I be with out every lesson you ever taught me about...well everything? I am thankful. More thankful than I can say for everything you are and everything you have ever done.

12. My whole crazy, freaky, weird, funny, loving family. Each and everyone of them are beyond amazing. I am thankful I have you all and I am very thankful we all actually like one another. That seems to be quite rare in this world.

13. The March of Dimes and the amazing staff and University of Maryland Medical Center. Without them two very important members of my family would not be here. Jayden and Gage my nephews, born 4 months early are miracles and touch everyone they meet with their drive, will and determination to be here and LIVE!

14. Calendars and address know the kinds filled with paper that you write on with pens and pencils. Remember those? Well I love them. I love actually writing stuff down. I am thankful that companies still make these simple things in our digital world. I feel like a minority but I don't care. I love the act of writing.

15. The postal service....the one that handles mail, not the band, though I am thankful for them too. I love to send letters. I love getting letters. I am thankful that someone, still does the work in between.

OK....I could keep going but if you made it this far, surely you are bored to tears. But maybe you will be thinking of the things, both big and small that you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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