Friday, April 8, 2011

One Woman Show

I have spoken before about being a one woman show. Until recently I was simply musing on the challenges of being a working artist, now I write seeking support. For those out there running their own businesses perhaps you know the feeling.

Finding balance it not always easy. I am a jewelry designer. I am an accountant. I am a marketing director. I am in Public Relations and sales. I am a financial planner. I am a buyer. I am both boss and employee. I am a master of social networking and technology......ok with that I am a novice at best. I am simply a one woman show and I may be in need of a nap.

How does one find the time to do all of this in one day? I am at the computer for hours taking care of the business side of things while my bench sits waiting for me to come and create. I can't possible do one without the other but it just seems there are not enough hours in the day to do everything.

I feel unbalanced today. Even as I write this my hands are itching to use my tools, and to play with metal and fire. My brain is tired and my task list is still far from complete. If you are a one person show like myself, do you ever have days like this??

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